Stig Leschly


College Accreditors: ‘New Colleges Need Not Apply’

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the reluctance of US college accreditors to discipline their member colleges for poor student outcomes or low-grade academic programming.  Accreditors, according to our research, devote a mere 3% of their formal oversight activities to policing worrisome student outcomes or academic programing.  That accreditors skirt regulating college quality is inexplicable, College Accreditors: ‘New Colleges Need Not Apply’ … READ MORE

College graduation thinking about job

Eyeballing College Earnings

The federal government recently released a new batch of data on the earnings outcomes of students in 4-year colleges in the US.   The new data, in their most eye-popping dimension, pin down every 4-year college in the US by the salary results of students ten years after they start college.  The data reveal alarming patterns Eyeballing College Earnings … READ MORE

Concerning Commonwealth Colleges

I live in Massachusetts, went to graduate school here, and teach entrepreneurship part-time at Harvard Business School. So, with my backyard in mind, I take a close look in this blog at the college scene in the Commonwealth.   What I lay out here might surprise you. Pockets of Abysmal Graduation Rates.  Graduation rates are shockingly Concerning Commonwealth Colleges … READ MORE