Restoring the promise of
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Basic College Facts

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 Rate of tuition increase above inflation over the past 50 years 

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  Colleges with graduation rates below 50%  

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  Colleges disciplined for low performance in the past 50 years 

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  High performing affordable colleges years 

An Introductory College Class

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College has historically been a ticket to economic mobility. 

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But college is too expensive, quality is variable and opaque, and colleges are not held accountable for cost, completion, or employment results. 

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And low-income, first generation and BIPOC learners are most affected by these failings. 

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Because higher education is a closed sector designed to protect existing institutions and their billions of public dollars, not designed for the learner first. 

We believe in better. 

 We believe there should be room for colleges that commit to affordability, accountability and results 

We are working to create pathways for such instiutions by showcasing the problems of and possibilities for our higher education system. 

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