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Basic College Facts

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 Percent of income in poorest households needed to pay for 1 year of public college 

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  Students at colleges with graduation rates below 50%  

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  Fraction of colleges disciplined for low performance in the past 50 years 

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  Portion of community college revenue that is publicly subsidized

An Introductory Class

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College is supposed to be a ticket to economic mobility and a better life. For too many, that is simply not the case.

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College is too expensive. Period. And it is marred by shockingly low graduation rates and, for those who do complete their degree, by uncertain job prospects and high debt loads. 

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Low-income students, first-generation students and students of color are most affected by these college failings. 

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U.S. colleges operate as a tightly organized cartel – free from meaningful competition, shielded from accountability, and funded lavishly with public dollars. 

We believe in better. 

This is what we know. And – on behalf of the 19M college students – we do not accept it.

We believe there should be more room in U.S. higher education for innovative college startups that break the mold on results, cost and accountability. We believe that students should be able to use some of their financial aid for high quality training programs outside of the college cartel.

This is our work.

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