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High School Counselor:
"I highly recommend this program for college-bound high school seniors."

Educators: (High School Counselors, Teachers and College Admissions)
Thank you for your interest. This seminar is designed to help college-bound seniors succeed during their upcoming, pivotal freshman year. It is based on research, insight and advice from current college students who speak directly to high school seniors via static and video segments. The seminar is non-institution specific and applicable to any student going away to any college.

Program Highlights
1st Place - In blind peer reviews, the Journal of Youth Development's academic and professional organization chose College 101 as best program package in the nation. This organization consists of 3,600 colleges and university members.

The program is in use at colleges, universities and high schools in 40 states. It is a research-based curriculum delivered with engaging videos and graphics from real campuses across the country. One of the research projects upon which the program is based was done at the Ohio State University and is available for additional information. 

About the authorBrian Raison
Brian Raison serves as an educator and researcher at the Ohio State University. For the past dozen years, he has led volunteer outreach efforts in Haiti and throughout the U.S. at weeklong housing rehabilitation projects for Reach Workcamps and Group Publishing’s Workcamp division. He helped establish a new 501(c)3 technology education literacy center in rural Guatemala. He also served on the national board of directors for the Youth Transition Network.

He holds a BS from Ohio State University’s College of Business, the MA in Sociology from Ohio University, Athens, and a Ph.D. in extension (non-formal) education and research from Ohio State University.

Terms of Use
College 101: Strategies for 1st Year Success is a copyrighted curriculum. No content may be copied, distributed, downloaded, modified, reproduced, published, or otherwise used without written consent of the author.


Participants in this one or two-hour seminar will learn basic academic protocols, problem-solving techniques, study tips, and social scene strategies for first year college students. Topics include:

- Choosing Classes
- Note Taking Tips
- Test Strategies Social
- Scene Changes
- Credit Card Lies
- Roommate Woes
- Safety on Campus
- Talking with Professors
- And more.

Research Proposal Abstract
Youth can achieve greater success and reduce negative life consequences during their first year of college if they 1) increase knowledge of new social scene and academic protocols, and 2) work through a conjectural decision-making process prior to actual encounters. This project will create a self-sustaining program that can be used nationwide.

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