College 101:: Strategies for 1st Year Success
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College 101 Participant:
"The information really helped me. I would recommend the program to a friend."

You've come to the right place. We went out and talked with real students on real college campuses. THEIR advice is what you need. The self-study has over 220 slides, plus 16 video segments. For a detailed preview, click on the logo below.

Current Student Advice:
“Visit your professors. Show interest in their classes, and they'll show interest in you.”
– University of Colorado at Boulder, Junior
  “Find out exactly who you are and be that person. You will be respected for your choices.”
– Iowa State University, Senior

“It’s easy to get carried away by the new freedoms. But PLEASE don’t consider your education expendable.”
– Ohio University, Grad School

  “Get involved! It’s a great way to meet cool people.”
– Miami University, Senior
“Work hard, make time for fun, and ENJOY!”
– University of Georgia, Sophomore
“I realized drinking dominated the social scene. It was hard not to do”
– Cornell, Sophomore
“Don’t stress over things that don't really matter.”
– Oklahoma State University, Junior
"Get involved. It's a great way to meet new friends!"
– Indiana University

1. What surprised you most during your first quarter as a college freshman?
2. What one thing would you tell a high school senior?
3. What advice would you give on academic changes and the new social scene?

The responses to these questions formed the basis of the College 101 program.
For a detailed preview, click on the logo below.


Participants in this program
will learn basic academic protocols, problem-solving techniques, study tips, and social scene strategies for first year college students. Topics include:

- Choosing Classes
- Note Taking Tips
- Test Strategies Social
- Scene Changes
- Credit Card Lies
- Roommate Woes
- Safety on Campus
- Talking with Professors
- And more.
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